ADR Sol Powder

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ADR Sol Powder

After washing the ADR TEX or ADR MAT it is advisable reactivate with our ADR Sol Powder. We can activate any fabric by soaking .eg. curtains, bedding and clothes e.t.c. After soaking and drying, the materials will effectively protect against electric fields of ELF.

 The materials can be washed by hand or in an automatic washing machine at a temperature of up to 30°C, using your usual washing detergent.

After washing and spin drying, the fabric should be reactivated by adding ADR Sol Powder to water and then soaking the fabric for at least 5 minutes.

A 60g sachet of ADR Sol Powder should be dissolved in 3 litres of lukewarm water.

After reactivation, the fabric can then be spun dry or hung to dry. Then it can be ironed.

The effect of the “reactivation” will be to increase the amount of “trapped” water molecules in the porous and tubular structures of the fabric. This treatment will fully restore the shielding properties of the low-frequency electric field through dielectric loss (absorption).

Thanks to this procedure, ADR TEX does not require grounding and has a beneficial protective effect upon living organisms, as shown in the published medical and biological research articles which can be found on our website.

Commonly used electric field screens use conductive materials. These are foil or metal mesh screens, silver-coated fabrics and textiles with interwoven metal wires, but they do not have the shielding capacity associated with high dielectric loss (absorption). Such materials need to be grounded when used for shielding 50/60 Hz low frequency electric field. This frequency occurs in electrical installations in our homes and offices. It is not always possible to connect the shielding materials to an earth, especially in: mattresses, quilts, pillows, clothes, shoes and curtains etc.

Moreover, if such screens are grounded, you need to be aware that between the source, e.g. a bedside lamp, and an earthed shield, e.g. a bed or mattress cover, the electric field intensity will increase . This can actually cause greater exposure to EMF rather than reducing it. We strongly advise against using this “earthed’ or “grounding” method.

EMF shielding materials manufactured with ADR Technology do not need to be earthed. Therefore do not cause such negative effects.

Products using ADR Technology have received a patent for Europe, China, USA and Canada.

Technology Award from The Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in 2011

Gold Medal for ADR Technology in the category of “Environmental Protection – Energy”


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