ADR®TEX (200 cm × 200 cm)

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ADR®TEX is an (EMF) electromagnetic field shielding fabric, (PEM),which does not need grounding. The method of shielding developed by ADR®Technology allows adjustment of the composite’s dielectric absorption frequency range. Such a solution ensures comfortable and safe shielding from EMF.

ADR®TEX gives highly effective protection against harmful EMFs which are emitted by telecommunication devices such as masts and phones, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc, as well as fields which are emitted by household electrical cables and circuits, and electrical and electronic appliances.



ADR TEX ensures a proper regeneration of our constitution when sleeping. It protects against the EFM damage during the nighttime when the DNA repair processes in the absence of UV damage to DNA and minimum reactivity of oxygen species would not be interfered with any electric fields [1-4].

The EMF has negative impact on the human body mainly due to its interference with basic vital functions of the organism. The electrical currents in human body are one of its normal functions since nerve signals are based on electrical pulses and many biochemical reactions such as digestion or brain activity are a result of electrical processes. One can expect that long-term exposure to EMF, even of low-strength, may result in a general feeling of being unwell [5].

An alarming American publication implies that “electromagnetic smog” is the reason for many diseases of civilization such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes, it affects us much more than the changes in our lifestyle [6].

Human exposure to EMF is not a new problem. However, the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage in the 20th century coupled with the development of electronics, IT, telecommunication, and satellite navigation as well as diagnostic and industrial devices brought us not only to analyze civilization’s hazards but also to invent methods to screen electromagnetic radiation. ADR Technology of EMF screens is an answer to those challenges.

The shields are composites (many phase systems) which provide a new advance in the design of EMF screens, due to a careful selection of constituent phases, their volumetric ratios and the way different phases are interconnected, we can design screens to absorb a desired frequency range of EMF and degree of screening efficiency.

ADR TEX shield based on ADR Technology is a complex microcomposite. The basic matrix is a fabric woven from three kinds of threads: Rayan, Nylon and INOX thread (PES yarn with metallic filling) in respective weight ratio of 44:36:20. After weaving (broken twill weave) the fabric was soaked with ADR SOL and dried.


Dielectric losses are considered as a measure of shielding efficiency at radiofrequencies


EMF shielding at 10 GHz. The shielding efficiency at 10 GHz is -35 dBm.

50 Hz electric field distribution without

50 HZ electric field distribution with
the ADR®TEX under mattress

50 Hz electric field distribution with the ADR®TEX under mattress and above quilt

ADR TEX Product Line:

ADR TEX is produced in following sizes:

  • 200 cm x 100 cm;
  • 200 cm x 160 cm;
  • 200 cm x 200 cm.

At the customer’s request, we can sell any length from a 200 cm wide roll at a minimum length of 110 cm rounded up to any length (in 10 cm intervals).

For industrial and construction purposes, we can offer ADRTEX in the following quantities: 2 m x 50 m, 2 m x 100 m.


Canopies over
the bed

In the duvet cover
above the duvet

As curtains or
behind curtains

ADR TEX Applications:

  • Under mattress
  • In the duvet cover above the duvet
  • A layer incorporated into the production of mattresses
  • Canopies over the bed
  • As curtains or behind curtains
  • As fabric for protective clothing
  • As a shield on walls or built into walls

On the basis of ADR TEX, the following products are manufactured:


  • ADR PAD – laptop shield (13″ and 15″),
  • ADR CHAIR – chair seat cover (35 cm x 35 cm).

Information about quality:

This shielding fabric is of the highest quality, any nominal inconsistencies in the weave do not impair the shielding of EMF. The fabric is cut to size using a ‘hot knife’ which gently melts and fastens the yarns, the discoloration that is created on its edge is a natural feature of this process.

ADR TEX can be washed by hand as well as by a washing machine at up to 30 ° C, the “gentle wash” cycle should be used, with any washing detergent. After the first wash, there may be some shrinkage which is a characteristic for this type of fabric. The fabric is produced a little wider to account for this shrinkage. After washing and drying the fabric can be ironed to remove creasing..

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