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I Orders

1. Placing an order with ADR System’s shop which is at:, hereinafter referred to as ‘the shop’ may be made solely by persons of legal age. Orders may be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. The owner of the shop is the firm ADR System, Ul. Żeleńskiego 18, 80-285 Gdańsk, Poland.

3. The sale takes place via the Internet by a distance contract, between the submitted order and ADR System hereinafter referred to as the ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’ respectively.

4. The order is unambiguous in respect and acceptance of these terms.

5. A precondition to the implementation of the contract is dependent upon the correct information being given in the order form found in the website shop. When ordering please write the phone number, so if any problems arise with the delivery of the consignment, we can contact you. If you fill out misleading or an incomplete address for the return shipment by Poczta Polska or another courier, ADR System may demand a charge for the following consignment.

6. The prices listed in the shop include polish VAT. The price at the time of ordering is binding.

7. We reserve the right to change prices, withdraw goods, change prices on a quote or the policy of a promotion without notice.

8. The buyer automatically receives confirmation of the orders made.

9. For each purchase, the buyer is sent a VAT invoice. Which is issued in accordance with the order.

II Terms of payment and delivery

1. In the shop you can submit your order by selecting one of the following forms of payment:

a) Via PayPal™ by credit card or EC card.

2. Goods ordered in shop are normally sent by Poczta Polska.

When the order is placed before 12.00 o’clock the goods are usually sent the same day by priority mail or parcel post, however, large quantity orders may be sent at a later date but no later than 7 working days from the date of the order.

In the case of any problems in fulfilling the contract, the seller will attempt to contact the buyer to discuss the details. Please supply your phone number and e-mail address with your order.

5. The shop is not liable for any delays in the delivery of consignments which result from the actions of Poczta Polska or any other courier.

III Returns

1. In accordance with the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of the rights of consumers it is a guaranteed right to return purchased goods without giving reasons within 10 days of the receipt of such goods.

2. The shop guarantees the return of the value of the ordered products within 7 working days or a transfer of money to the buyer. In the case of a refund the shop reduces the amount due to the buyer by the amount of charges incurred for the transfer.

3. If the returned goods are in the original undamaged packaging, accompanied by the original invoice, providing that the product was not used and was not in any way destroyed a refund can be paid.

4. The cost for the delivery and the return of the item is non-refundable and therefore is covered by the buyer.

5. Products returned must be sent by registered mail to: ADR System, ul. Żeleńskiego 18, 80-285 Gdansk, Poland.

6. We do not pay cash on delivery for any consignment returned.

IV Claim

1. At the time of the collection of the goods the buyer is required to verify whether the consignment has been damaged during transport. Any complaints of this nature are the concern of the employee of Poczta Polska or by the courier service complaints protocol.

1. At the time of the collection of the goods the buyer is required to verify whether the consignment has been damaged during transport. Any complaints of this nature are the concern of the employee of Poczta Polska or by the courier service complaints protocol.

3. In case of a damaged item the shop will replace it or if the item is not available the shop will refund the price of the product or offer him similar available items to try.

4. The shop refunds costs associated with defective items within 7 days from the date of the receipt of the shipment from the purchaser.

V Security

1. According to the data protection law of 29 August 1997 (consolidation public journal No 101 2002. 92, as amended) the shop is committed to protecting the personal data of buyers. According to this the buyer shall have the right to ask for his data, to be modified or to be removed from the database.

2. The buyer’s personal data will be not given to others. The database is also inaccessible to anyone except the personnel who work in the shop. Personal information of our customers is used solely for the purposes of fulfilling orders or contacting customers in case of any problems that may arise.

VI Further Information

1. Any product pictures und photos located on the website are owned by ADR System or their producers. Copying, duplicating and any use for commercial purposes without written permission from ADR System is strictly forbidden.

2. The color, look and shape of some products may differ a little from originals, (photographs and computer screens are not always able to show the color of products accurately). Hence this is not a reason for complaint.

3. Regarding matters that are not regulated by this site policy the provisions of the civil code apply.

4. If you have any questions, suggestions, information or complaints please contact us by any of the following:

a) regular mail – ADR System, ul. Żeleńskiego 18, 80-285 Gdańsk, Poland.
b) telephone – telephone/fax +48 58 341 95 41
c) e-mail – via the website.