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ADR High Flow

A commercial device for changing the physicochemical parameters of water, built of a tank with magnets with a specific magnetic field distribution and ceramic with high dielectric loss produced in accordance with PAT.221223.

Main application in: growing plants, animal husbandry, equipment assembly on drinking water installations for domestic use, as well as in the production of bottled mineral water and other beverages where water is used.


Guarantee of proper operation of the devices – 5 years from the date of installation. It is advisable to test the water parameters every two years with the Manufacturer – ADR Technology.

For drinking spring water or bottled mineral water, it is advisable to maintain the parameters obtained by keeping the water in cartons shielding the electromagnetic field or collective packaging in shrink film manufactured according to ADR Technology in accordance with PAT.221223.

What does it do?

ADR High Flow contributes to increased rate of plant or animal hydration, a higher dissolution of nutrients and agricultural feeds as well as enhanced plant and tissue growth. The economic value of ADR High flow lies in ability to grow organisms at the same rate using less feed and water.

It works by rearranging water molecules in order to facilitate a more efficient nutrient absorption into the farmed organisms.

How to use it?

  • The high efficiency of ADR HighFlow® makes it suitable for use in commercial businesses, such as: animal farms, greenhouses and plantations, where a large amount of potable and general-use water is used.
  • ADR High Flow Can be installed easily into the water mains system or incorporated into an existing filtration system.
  • There are several different flow capacity systems available.


ADR High Flow units can be leased with a 3 months cooling off period. Should the farmer be not satisfied with the results, first 3 months’ payment is waived and no obligation to enter into a contract.

The installation and maintenance would be taken care of by a qualified ADR High Flow engineer.


Cow breeding; the changes relate to better uptake and use of feed and consequently better milk-protein parameters, fat and increased milk productivity. Our product works healthy, that is, uses all the nutrients contained in the feed, ie protein, vitamins and fats, organic and inorganic components are delivered to the body’s cells faster and better due to the favorable change in blood pH to more alkaline, which facilitates this process and allows to lower supply in the feed of minerals and protein.


Chicken breeding; noticeable changes in broiler breeding concern both lower feed consumption ≈1,6 per kg of increase and improvement of health status. More visible changes in the level of protein in the feed occurred in long fattening in broiler fattening – 3 months. Studies on laying hens and reproductive herds of poultry have not yet been carried out, which will happen soon, and the expected results are similar to savings on high protein feeds and improved health status.


Pig breeding; the studies concerned fatteners. A significant improvement in meat productivity was noted, which in this case is the most important from an economic point of view. Half of the fattening has seen a smaller demand for high-protein feed by approx. 30%, the level of protein in the feed has been reduced by a value that dramatically increases profitability. There was also an improvement in the health status of fattening pigs – the falls caused by anaerobic bacterial microflora were minimized with high levels of protein in the feed, and the meat content was preserved at the same time. Reducing the level of protein in feed by up to 30% did not result in a decrease in meatiness in post-mortem evaluation. This testifies to better transporting water molecules through the ADR High Flow device, as well as positive changes in blood pH buffering, which improves the digestive process.